What is the ROADMAP to SUCCESS?


Your success in VEMMA is the most important objective of your upline support team! With that goal in mind, it is important for you to understand that effective duplication (which means each Brand Partner successfully growing their business) can only occur if there is a proven methodology in place that teaches each person how to build! The ROADMAP to SUCCESS is that proven methodology!


What is the ROADMAP to SUCCESS? The Roadmap to Success is a 40-page workbook complete with CD that teaches the new Brand Partner exactly what they need to know, what they need to have and what they need to do to see their organization really grow! The most important thing for you to know is that this system works! Resist the temptation to "reinvent the wheel!" With the help of your active upline leader, follow the ROADMAP and your organization will grow!


What should you do next? If you have a desire for change, if you are coachable and you are willing to work then you are about to begin the most exciting, financially rewarding journey of your life!



Get a copy of the ROADMAP to SUCCESS from your enroller or your first active upline leader.


Read and complete the workbook and listen to the accompanying CD found in the ROADMAP workbook.


Go upline to your first active GOLD Team Leader "or above" and along with your enroller, have a "ROADMAP strategy session". This session focuses on steps 1,3 & 8. The most important result of this session is learning how to set appointments and how to invite others to your first Home Event.


Go to work identifying others who have a desire for change and truly want to do better financially!

Click HERE to download your "quick Start" Roadmap





Roadmap To SuCcess: Introduction by Tom Alkazin

Step 1: "Your Dreams"

- The Foundation of Your Vemma Business

Step 3: "Create A List" - Your Most Valuable Asset

Step 2: "Attitude" - Setting Yourself Up To Succeed

Step 4: "Building Your Business" - Leading With The Products

Step 5: "Building Your Business" - Leading With The Opportunity

Step 6: "Goal Setting" Your First Objectives

Step 7: "Counsel Upline" - Everyone Needs A Coach

Step 8: "Get Started Now" - It's Time For Action

"Conclusion" to the Roadmap To Success Training

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